Wash ‘n Wax

Time to get the planes ready for Winter!

Join your fellow club members and help to spruce up the planes for the coming flying season.

SATURDAY, October 28, 2017

8:00 AM

 Doughnuts and Coffee will be waiting for you!

What happened to 85M??

Many of you know we have had an empty nest over the winter.  85M had an encounter with a very large deer back in November in Zanesville, OH.   (KZVV).

The deer came up the loser, but due to the accumulated time on the engine the board decided to install a factory re-manufactured engine, instead of going through the process of an engine inspection.  We are planning on 85M returning home sometime in April, and it should be ready to go for this flying season.


New Power for 737LM

It has been a long process but 7LM is new (or at least rebuilt) from the firewall forward.

7LM Engine

This makes for a great travelling machine.  Flight plan for 145 kts TAS on 13.5 gallons per hour and haul 750 lbs of people and stuff 500+ miles.  Need longer legs? No problem, trade some weight for up to 22 more gallons of fuel and dial it back a bit you can go a long way!

Throw some camping gear in and enjoy nearby campgrounds, head to a fly-in, or plan on Oshkosh!

It made a great way to enjoy AOPA Indy Regional Fly-in without having to join the flying circus on final approach Saturday morning!

7LM Camping

Get with your instructor and get checked out.  Don’t have your endorsements yet?  Take this opportunity to get your high-performance and complex sign-offs at the same time!

Detroit Class B to Change April 3rd.

Changes to our airspace are here!!

Where we are accustomed to the 4,000′ Class B Shelf, it will become 3,500′.

New shelves at 4,000′ and 6,000′ have been added above KVLL reaching out to 30 miles from DXO.  That now includes PTK and ARB.

Make sure you update all of your charts, and if you are in doubt of what this means to you and your flying it would be a great time to check in with one of our instructors.

See the details at the following links.

Federal Register Posting

AOPA Summary

08K Updates!!

Getting In Shape For Summer Flying!

Cessna 172

Cessna 172

***UPDATE*** The work is now done, book the plane soon and check out the updates.  Consider taking an instructor if the 430W is new to you!

A favorite plane for many members is getting some updates.

By the end of March new upholstery will be completed and in

April, 08K will join the GPS generation with the installation of an

IFR approved Garmin GNS 430W.

Sharpen your 430W knowledge and skills here!


Got Questions on ADS-B??? (Who doesn’t?)

Check out this article in Air Facts Journal

430W Proficient??

Need some practice on the 430W?


Install a simulator on your computer and practice

your button pushing on the ground, not in the air.

Click here to download the simulator

Click here to view the manual