N182GH is Here
N182GH is Here
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Welcome to the Troy Oakland Pilots Flying Club (TOPS) web page. We are located at the Oakland-Troy Airport (KVLL) which is approximately 15 miles north of Downtown Detroit.

The purpose of the TOPS Flying Club is to provide safe, reliable, and pleasurable flying and/or flight instruction for members at the most reasonable cost possible.

The club provides a friendly atmosphere for its members. There are both flying and non-flying related gatherings scheduled throughout the year (holiday parties, flying trips, barbecues, etc).

Take a look around. We hope you’ll enjoy what you see and will want to join in the fun and excitement we call TOPS.


Welcome to TOPS!

News and Resources

Spring 2019 Wash-N-Wax
April 27, 2019
TOP's Flying Club aircraft are looking great thanks to a fine group effort at the annual spring Wash-N-Wax. Over 20 members we're not detered by the weather and gathered to wash, w...
New Rules, Bylaws, and Plans for the Fleet for 2019 Discussed at TOPS annual meeting
November 27, 2018
Tuesday, November 20th TOPS members gathered to get the latest updates on club operations. 20 or so members where in attendance and enjoyed a presentation from TOPS President Dave Londal tha...
Hass discusses new SID’s and STARS
August 28, 2018
Veteran TOPS member Joe Haas says there is now a new reason to use Flight Following when flying VFR out of Oakland Troy Airport.  New SIDS and STARS will have Detroit approach controllers pu

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